Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some updates

So I realized I am supposed to be chronicling the progress on goals and ideas referenced in previous entries. So, here it goes...

No hobby yet. I did bake a cake (from a box) for my husband's birthday several weeks ago. I think if I want to learn to bake "fancy" things I might have to look for a class. However, I seriously think as it gets warmer I will be planting a garden. The question now is flowers or veggies?

Regarding working out more, last week I went to they gym once, same the week before. In my defense, I planned to work out last Thursday but ended up going to the doctor (only to find out there's nothing wrong with me), and I also planned to go again on Saturday but I woke up feeling kind of dizzy and lightheaded (still not sure why). I thought working out would either make this significantly worse or possibly better, so I ended up taking the lazy way out and snuggled up with the hubby til I felt better. And Sunday I was on-call, though I had no calls until later in the evening, so I had all morning when I could have gone, but I always fear that if I actually went to the gym that the second I get on the treadmill my pager will go off. Rationalization? This week I went to the gym Tuesday and got pretty sweaty, and I plan to eat breakfast and go here soon.

Did I mention that doctor's scales always add an additional 5 pounds? They have to. Last week when I went I was apalled by the number I saw come up. Do my clothes and shoes weigh that much? Either way, I am still hoping to lose 5-7 pounds. So you can see my motivation for making my Lenten resolution to cut out fast food. I will keep you posted on that one!


  1. Go with the veggies. Yum! Though, why choose? You could do a little of both...

  2. BOTH!

    Also, the scales at the dr's office are TOTALLY bogus. I feel ya.