Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Past Weekend, or A Tale of Nephews, Wine, and Cake in Three Parts

So it was a busy weekend.

Since the holidays, my husband and I have had a good deal of "down time", which on one hand has been nice, but on the other hand gets boring after awhile, especially when it's been super cold outside...good conditions to develop a case of cabin fever. However, we made up for it this past weekend as suddenly family and social commitments smacked us in the face.

Friday-30th birthday party for a friend of ours, someone Michael met through work who we have hung out with outside of work here and there. We have met a few of her friends (yes, I said her, my husband tends to make lots of female friends and yes I completely trust him) who were there for awhile, but once they left we did too, as the majority of people there we did not know. But it was nice to enjoy a few sangrias, appetizers, and cake with someone who is really nice and we should hang out with more often.

Saturday-my nephew Dathan's 1st birthday party. In Decatur. 2.5 hours from where we live. But I was determined we would go, I only see my nephew every couple of months and though he won't remember it, he only turns 1 once. So we drove, had a failed attempt to meet up with my parents for lunch beforehand (as we were there later than expected and they [scratch that, my mom, the queen of anxiety] were anxious to get to the party, though my husband and I went ahead and ate and arrived 10 minutes after the party started). Can I just say my nephew is such a sweet, cute, precious little guy? His blonde hair has grown into curls and he has bright blue eyes--very Arayan. But he's a smiley, happy little fellow and I wish I could just steal him away for a weekend and spend some quality aunt-nephew time together. OK, don't get creeped out, I am not a kidnapper. I just realize I wish I saw him more. So the party was nice, more cake, ice cream, and opening cute baby/toddler presents. Then driving 2.5 hours home. Which we had to because-

Sunday-my husband's cousin's engagement party. Scratch that, mini wedding reception. All joking aside, it was a lovely party. But before I met my husband I had never even heard of "engagement parties", but they are a must in his family, not sure if it's an Italian tradition or a Chicagoan tradition...we had one, well actually two; a small one back home for family and friends that wouldn't want to make the drive to the Chicago suburbs, and then one up here for my husband's family and friends and the wedding party. It was a nice lunch at a restaurant. The one on Sunday was at a reception hall complete with an open bar and bottles of wine on the tables, a d.j., and dancing. Plus, you might have guessed it, more cake! And a giant sweet table! Good thing I didn't give up sweets for Lent! All in all, it was fun, we got to spend more time with our other nephews, Patrick (age 3) and Luke (2 months) and see other family and friends we haven't seen since we've been in winter hibernation.

So all, in all...

nephews = good!

wine = good!

cake = good!

However, after this weekend, I am definitely going to have to go on a mini-diet!


  1. Sounds like a very fun weekend! Cake and alcohol are a good combo in my book! :)

  2. It was fun, but just really busy, added with just a touch of family drama, and yeah, lots of cake and alcohol! It was just too bad one of the events wasn't on a different weekend, just to spread it out.