Monday, February 9, 2009

Let freedom ring?

I am not sure if this happens across the country, but here in Chicagoland you can definitely tell that it's income tax season because on every other street corner you can see people dressed in patriotic costumes waving to drivers (most commonly like the Statue of Liberty one you see on the right here, but also I have seen Uncle Sam on occasion). These costumed individuals are found outside of various tax preparation firms, waving and often swaying, as if to invite busied and hurried drivers to perhaps be a patriotic American and stop in and get your taxes done (??). Now, maybe I am wrong, but I am not sure that I get the point of this. In no way does seeing a waving Statue of Liberty entice me to have my taxes done at that place of business. Perhaps even the opposite. Now, around Halloween you might see a similar situation, a waving person wearing a Halloween costume outside of the Halloween store. However, given that wearing costumes is directly related to Halloween, I would argue that this connection makes more sense. Either way, I tend to feel bad for the person in the costume.


  1. This post is hilarious and so true! I think the Statue of Liberty costume is because the company is called "Liberty Tax Service," but still....I don't want some yahoo in a costume preparing my taxes.

    Wonder how much that dude makes?

  2. Yeah, it is Liberty Tax Service. You know, the other day I actually saw someone in a car slow down and talk to the swaying Statue. Do they train the costumed Statues to talk to people about their taxes? I can't imagine the guy I saw knew much about income tax refunds. Maybe I am being biased.