Monday, February 2, 2009

Dream interpretation

So those of you who know me have heard me complain more than once (probably too much) about my current job, and probably more specifically about my boss. That being said, last night I had such a weird dream. I was at the office (which seemed alot like my childhood home) and I watched as two rocketships, carrying my boss and some unknown fictional co-workers, crashed and exploded, creating a giant mushroom cloud. I remember in the dream feeling some relief that my boss was gone, then some guilt. (Then after that yet another ship went up with some fictional co-workers and again crashed, you would have thought they would have gotten the idea after the first one). I woke up feeling guilty for having such a dream, and first thought that I would never wish that my boss or anyone would die, no matter how hard she is to deal with. But then I remembered having thoughts of major relief and on the days she's unexpectedly been out sick and maybe even wishing she would stay sick for awhile! Eek! That realization screams bad karma! So subconsciously I clearly don't want to have to deal with my boss anymore, that's my take. Any other ideas??


  1. I totally agree with you. You are looking for a way out of your current situation. It's not about actually wanting people to die.

    Also, my dream book says that rockets represent:
    A) A connection with male sexuality. (Maybe you were thinking of Michael's "rocket?") LOL
    B) Power to make big changes in your life.
    C) Spiritual searching and adventure.


  2. Thanks Janet. I am thinking the rocket pretty clearly means B, but as I think more I can see how it might be A or C...but I will send you a personal message to explain why!!