Wednesday, February 11, 2009

totally random thoughts--be gone!

So here's a barrage of totally random thoughts that have been plaguing me lately but don't have enough substance to write an entire blog entry about...

*I was pleasantly surprised that I got no pages when I was on-call Monday night (which I think is a first for a Monday), even though I am pretty sure it was a full-moon and supposedly ERs are busy on those nights. It was a good thing too because I really wasn't in the mood.

*In most recent work-related experiences dealing with lawyers, I have found that female lawyers are great to work with, whereas male lawyers are a little, not as pleasant. This is based on a pretty small sample.

*I ate some fresh raspberries yesterday for the first time in a very long time and forgot that they are delicious! I think I don't buy them much because they are rather expensive.

*If you like chips and salsa and would like to try a very unique and flavorful combination, try Tostitos hint of lime chips with peach pineapple salsa (if you like sweeter salsa). In my opinion, YUM!

*Luckily I haven't heard the new Kelly Clarkson song "My Life Would Suck Without You" lately. When I first heard it ALWAYS got stuck in my head and I was going around all day singing "my life would suck..." and remember even thinking it one day in a meeting with my supervisor!

*So Valentine's day is this Saturday. My husband prefers less expensive but more thoughtful gifts (he's hard to gift!) and all I can think of is to bake him something or make him a card. I baked him a cake for his b-day and I made him a card a few years ago...any ideas???

P.S. I wonder how many times I have eaten in my car? I think this has exponentially increased since I have been working full-time. "Exponentially" is my word of the week.


  1. There is an award for you on my site if you want it.

  2. I hope you had a good Valentines day!

    you're right. I am lucky I haven't heard that song. :)