Monday, March 23, 2009

Lent update

So here's an update on how I am doing so far this Lent with my Lenten promise/sacrifice

1) Fast food:
*I decided to give up eating fast food while working, hoping to save money by bringing my lunch. (I decided fast food had become a big vice, I was pretty frequently running through the drive through on the way to work or during my breaks--McDonald's, Arby's, Wendy's, Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts being some of my favorites)
*So...I haven't eaten anything from a drive thru or bag since Fat Tuesday!
*I did buy food twice from the deli at Jewel. I rationalized this as not being fast food. Not sure if all would agree.
*Instead of Dunkin Donuts (which are everywhere in Chicagoland! There were like 2 in Bloomington!) or Starbucks, I have been making my own tea or coffee to drink or just drinking water or those packets you pour into your water bottle, though for awhile I was buying more cans of pop at the work vending machine. Good thing I didn't give up caffeine this year!
*I have been eating alot of microwave meals (Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers are actually pretty good, and don't need refrigerated), PBJ, and meal replacement/energy bars when I am in a time crunch.
*I was guilty last week of eating a candy bar for lunch, as well as way too many leftover 7 layer brownies that I made for my husabnd to take to work but they stuck to the pan, so the two of us have been eating it since (they still taste good! but I am pretty sick of them now!)
*So overall I don't think I have been eating healthier!
*However, I think I am saving some money. Our credit card statement actually did seem lower, I hope due to less swipes for mochas and double cheeseburgers. But I have been spending a little more at the grocery store buying lunch items.

2) Praying:
*I haven't done too well praying in the morning...I think I need to put a post-it-note on the mirror or something!
*I have been doing better at praying in the evening, as my husband and I got a prayer book from our church we have been reading together. It's been a good experience because while we do go to church together every week we don't discuss religion much outside of church. The prayer book also includes some history and information about why we do what we do and it's been a great experience to share with him.

Easter is three weeks away. I hope I can keep it up and do even better.


  1. Good job! I think that is very cool that you and Michael are reading the prayer book together.