Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blue Light Movie Review

I have always secretly wanted to be a movie reviewer. Please who know me would find this interesting and unlikely because I am so un-opinionated. I do have opinions, I just tend to keep them to myself as I am not a great debater so if my opinion is tested or questioned I am likely to fold or concede pretty quickly, so I just keep it to myself. Not the best habit, I admit. I am getting a little better as my husband's family tends to be loud and outspoken so I have to try to talk a little more in order to be heard.

With that said, I am going to critique the movie I Love You, Man, which I saw with my husband yesterday. Two or three weeks ago I hadn't even heard of this movie, then suddenly everywhere there it was, talk of this movie about this new term Bro-mance. I believe my brother-in-law recommended it to us and we were looking for a reason to use our AMC gift card and also to celebrate our upcoming 2 year anniversary. So, we went. And it was definitely worth it!

The movie starts Paul Rudd (always adorable in my book) and Jason Segel of Forgetting Sarah Marshall (and full frontal nudity) fame. Paul Rudd plays Peter, a realtor and straight laced guy who recently is engaged to Zooey. Peter is clearly a wonderful and devoted boyfriend to Zooey, but apparently he has focused so much of his life on being in relationships with girlfriends that he has no real guy friends. Zooey expresses her concern, as she has a tight knit group of girlfriends she clearly tells everything (don't want to spoil it, go see the movie and you will see what I mean). So starts the hilarious search for a new male buddy. I don't want to spoil too much, but Peter goes through many awkward "man dates" with several candidates, none of which seem fitting to be his new best friend. Then enter Sydney (Jason Segel), the guy he meets at an open house. They click and the man dating begins. As might be predicted, Sydney is the anit-Peter; he speaks his mind very frankly and honestly, is astute at reading others, but shys away from committed relationships. They enjoy time bonding in his "man cave" jamming to Rush as Sydney gets Peter to talk honestly about his sex life. Of course their quickly fused friendship suffers some trials and tribulations, and affects Peter's relationship with Zooey, who isn't used to sharing him with anybody. The ending is fairly predictable, but it's more the way we get there that's enjoyable. By the end you really feel the bro-mance that's been so buzzed about and you really feel like you understand how these unlikely two became friends.

The movie has a great balance of humor and heart, likable characters, and realistic situations that make it watchable. I loved the multiple awkward moments in the movie when Peter is rambling gibberish in attempts to be cool (which he just isn't, no matter how hard he tries). Peter's brother (who is gay and likes pursuing straight guys for the chase) is also a funny character, and it's interesting to watch their relationship develop through the movie. Zooey's two best friends are somewhat annoying and one dimensional, but they serve a purpose. Overall, the movie had me laughing out loud and had me and my husband talking afterward about relationships, friendships, and life, so thumbs up for I Love You, Man!

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