Sunday, March 8, 2009

Valentine's Day Take Two

Yesterday was a great day. I got up and went to the gym to work out, came home and hung out with my husband. We spent hours just talking and laughing, snuggling, without the t.v. on, which was a nice change! We decided to use our gift card for Buca di Beppo (which had been our jilted plans for V-day) and went out and had great food and a great time just the two of us (not to mention our server gave us an extra $10 off if we did the survey--you know, the one that's always on every receipt everywhere---at the restaurant, which was really cool).

After two years of marriage and nearly 5 together (yesterday he said 3! I had to yell at him for that!), I have found the best times are the quiet times, the spontaneous times, the ones we don't plan.

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