Monday, May 25, 2009


That's my new term for myself,
Domestic Goddess in Training.

Here's the proof:

Exhibit A-

Turtle cheesecake I made for Easter. I made it the night before, and by the next day it looked a little runny, but apparently still tasted good, according to my husband.

Exhibit B-

Last weekend I dug up the grass along this part of the back of our house and planted several different kinds of flowers (from seeds and bulbs). I have been watering it religously, but so far haven't seen anything pop through yet. I will keep everyone posted!

Exhibit C-

Cookies! I was inspired by having WAY too many eggs in the fridge (which unless I am baking or in the mood for French toast, we otherwise don't eat). They seemed to be a hit, there are only a few left.

Exhibit D-

Flowers I potted today.

Hopefully in the next week or two I will have the vegetable garden planted. I was getting the plants from my husband's grandmother (a.k.a. Nonna) but the roots apparently are too small to be planted yet. His family wouldn't hear of me buying such plants from a nursery or Wal-Mart when they are growing then in their backyard. Stay tuned for more domestic adventures in suburbia!


  1. Ooh, go you! Did you use a tiller to dig up the side of the yard? I'm curious b/c I'm wanting to do that myself.

  2. No, I just used a spade, a hoe (is that the right spelling for that kind?), and a little hand held shovel. I got a good workout, I know because I was sore the next day. But it felt good!