Sunday, January 24, 2010

Facebook surfing

Statistics say that 50% of all marriages end in divorce these days.

According to Facebook that stat seems to hold true.

Recently I was surfing profiles of Newtonites (people from my hometown) and, after noting name changes, status changes, pictures, and other profile information, it hit me how many people I know from home who are around my age who have already been married and divorced, and many of them remarried already. The thought was quite sobering.

Many of these people married their high school sweetheart (not all of them, of course; several high school sweethearts appeared to still be together). Some had kids, some seemed to have kids with the second marriage. It's so hard to say, just basing my "facts" on facebook information.

Now I would assume no one walks down the aisle with the thought "this probably won't work out" or "I give this two years tops" (while people sitting in the aisles may be saying or thinking those things). And of course I don't know the circumstances why any of these couples divorced. I can say that it does make me feel sad to think of the heartache, the broken homes, the broken promises, and the turmoil. It makes me want to hold my own husband a little tighter and to think of the line "in good times and in bad" and toughing through those bad times. Though again, I have no idea what bad times some of these couples suffered through. Infidelity, alcohol and drugs, lies, who knows. I only get a glimpse and small clues, thanks again to Facebook. 

So thanks Facebook, for keeping me up to date on the local, small-town gossip and happenings that I would otherwise miss. Thanks for feeding curiosities I didn't even realize I still had.

Of course I can put down the mouse and step away too.

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  1. I am just as guilty of looking for info on co-workers and friends from my area. Haven't been here in awhile. Hope all is well!