Friday, January 30, 2009

Blago and birthday cake

As everyone probably knows, the governor of Illinois was officially removed from office yesterday...I am SO sorry to say that I voted for Blago/Hot Rod B (that's my dad's name for him) during his first run for office. I didn't know a thing about him and just voted for him to vote against the Republicans and anyone associated with George Ryan. Lesson: Be an INFORMED voter! The only positive contribution to our state was Blago's attempt to make healthcare accessible to all Illinois families. I think it's a good concept, however, the way it's been executed has actually made it harder for some familes to get care. Because of the state's budget mess, health care providers haven't been reimbursed for services in months, and now many of them won't even take public aid clients; they just can't afford it because who knows when the state will reimburse them for services rendered.

It's hard to understand how a state that was once home to a great and honest man like Abe Lincoln has also been the home of so many scandalous politicians.

In other news, I am baking a cake tonight for my husband as his birthday is tomorrow. If I remember I will try to post a picture of how it turns out.

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  1. Good luck and wish Michael a Happy Birthday!